Chin sculpting injectables work by using a synthetic fat dissolving agent that is injected into the fat cells of a client’s double chin. It is a non-surgical method of targeting pre-platysmal fat or submental fat surrounding the chin area, and is a great option for people who find their double chin has becoming resistant to diet and exercise.

How chin sculpting injectables work

Once the fat dissolving agent is injected, it breaks down the fat cells which then get absorbed by the body and over a period of six to eight weeks, disappear.

When clients come in, we apply a marking sticker or injection dots on the chin. This helps us determine where to inject and calculate the dosage. We do a series of injections and for each injection dot; the entire procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Chin sculpting results

Results will start to appear within six to eight weeks post treatment but may differ between individuals. We recommend repeating chin sculpting injectables between four and eight weeks apart, or as recommended by your doctor or nurse injector. The more fat there is the better the improvements will be.

The treatment process

During treatment with chin sculpting injectables, we make sure each patient is comfortable and we use topical anesthetic cream and cold packs. After the treatment you may use cold packs to help ease any discomfort.

Our biggest priority is ensuring the patient is comfortable and understands the process from walking in to walking out. To ensure clients are satisfied with their treatments, Australian Skin Clinics require a consultation with an in-house cosmetic nurse or doctor in addition to the consultation prior to receiving chin sculpting injectables.

Who is suitable for treatment?

Double chin reduction injections are a great method for reducing the chin fat and improving the jawline angle. It is suitable for clients with isolated fat deposits, but it’s not so ideal for patients with excessive skin laxity around the neck area.

A client with a small amount of submental fat may only need two treatments, whereas a patient with a large amount may require three to four treatments. To learn more, contact your local Australian Skin Clinics for a complimentary consultation.

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