The cooler Winter months can often cause our skin to dry out. A quality skincare plan is a great way to combat the dropping temperatures, but did you know cosmetic injectables are a great solution if your skin needs extra hydration?

Here are our favourite Cosmetic Injectables to keep your skin soft and dewy this season:

Hydroboost helps to lock in moisture and give your skin a hydration boost, working its magic on those unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven texture, leaving you plump and fresh. 

Bio Remodelling This powerhouse treatment tackles sagging tissue head-on, reversing signs of aging, minimizing fine lines, boosting firmness, and enhancing your skin’s overall quality and structure.

PDO Mono Threads are strategically placed to boost collagen production, creating a supportive network, enhanced resilience, radiant skin, and adding a major glow to your overall complexion.

PRP taps into your body’s natural healing powers by using your own platelet-rich plasma. Freeing you from dark circles, scarring, and fine lines, evening out your skin tone and boosting the elasticity of your skin. (Enquire in clinic for this advanced treatment)

Anti-wrinkle injectables work magic by softening the fine lines that tend to creep up over time and if maintained, are experts at preventing future lines from forming, leaving you with refreshed and youthful skin.

To find out which injectables would work best for you book a complimentary consultation with our experienced Cosmetic Injectors or call your local clinic.