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Get ready for the perfect New Year’s kiss!

New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting nights of year. New Year’s festivities, and that all important midnight…

New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting nights of year. New Year’s festivities, and that all important midnight kiss, dates back to the Ancient Romans who would throw a big party every New Year’s Eve called the Festival of Saturnalia where they would kiss the night away.

Centuries later and a midnight kiss with your partner, date or random in the room is still high on all of our agendas but are you ready to pucker up for that perfect kiss? While we can’t guarantee you a New Year’s kiss when the clock strikes 12, we can guarantee you can have lips that will leave a lasting impression and skin that will make you glow in the lights of the fireworks this New Year’s Eve.

The perfect New Year’s kiss

Make that kiss special with plump lips this New Year. Dermal fillers can restore and boost volume in naturally thin lips for up to six months, depending on your metabolism and other biological factors. While lip filler sees instant results, we recommend you book this treatment at least five to seven days before your spark-worthy midnight moment. With regular follow-up treatments, you could even enjoy pout perfect lips all year round.

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Get Glowing!

If your skin is showing the end-of-year stress in the form of dryness, breakouts, or acne we suggest a microdermabrasion to get you glowing ahead of the last night of the year. Microdermabrasions target your skin’s natural rejuvenation process by gently removing the dead surface skin and unclogging your pores, leaving you with skin that will glow under the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. We recommend undergoing treatment at least 12 hours prior to any major events to ensure paler skin tones are back to normal and glowing in time for that perfect moment.

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