Thermage FLX – Partial Face & Neck (900rep)


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Thermage FLX uses energy-focusing radio frequency to kick start the body’s own natural renewal process to tighten, smooth and contour the skin. It effectively treats fine lines, wrinkles, uneven or dimpled skin.

Thermage FLX offers visible results after just one treatment, so book your partial face and neck Thermage FLX online today!

Cease cosmeceutical retinol.

Avoid prescription retinol (topical vitamin A) or Hydroquinone (whitening creams). Avoid excess sun exposure, solariums and fake tanning. Begin careful skin preparation using the recommended products. Do not wax or use abrasive scrubs.

Apply the recommended recovery cream as required.

Commence a gentle skincare routine using the recommended products. Use a moisturising spritz to cool and hydrate the skin at any time. Apply SPF 50+ sunscreen to the treated area. 48 HOURS POST Avoid excessive exercise and chlorinated pools.

Avoid using any active products containing AHA/BHA or retinol. 7 DAYS POST No cosmetic injectable treatments. Avoid excess sun exposure, solariums and fake tanning

What is the difference between Thermage and Fractional RF?

Thermage and Fractional RF are both tightening treatments. While Fractional RF targets a range of concerns, Thermage is considered the specialist device in skin tightening. If you prefer a once-only treatment, Thermage FLX may be right for you, as visible results can be seen after a single session. A choice between the two treatments should be based on your tightening needs, in consultation with your trained Australian Skin Clinics dermal technician.

What does the Thermage treatment feel like?

When the Thermage device is applied, you will feel a brief warming sensation to target those deep, collagen-rich layers of your skin. This is followed by a soothing, cooling sensation that will keep your skin cool and protected while also minimising any discomfort.

When can I expect to see results from my Thermage treatment?

After a single Thermage treatment, measurable results will begin to appear gradually over the next two to six months and can last for up to one to two years depending on your skin condition and ageing process.

How many treatments do I need and what is the downtime?

One of the biggest draw cards of the Thermage Skin Tightening treatment is that only one treatment is required, and downtime is minimal. For some clients, a bi-annual Thermage session is enough to maintain superior skin health, however it is always best to follow your technician’s treatment frequency recommendations.