Three of the most common skin concerns that we see at Australian Skin Clinics include breakouts, pigmentation and ageing skin. There is no shame in experiencing one or even all three of these skincare woes, in fact, it’s completely normal! However, if you’d like some options to treat or reduce the appearance of pimples, freckles or wrinkles, there are a wide range of medi-aesthetic treatments that can help.

Now, we realise that there is nothing more daunting then breaking away from your current skincare routine to try something new, but there has never been a better time to expand your horizons. Thanks to cutting-edge innovations, affordable medi-aesthetic treatments are now available for the everyday person.  Here are our top tips on the best treatments to combat these common skin concerns and help return your skin to its natural glory.

Common skin concern 1

Breakouts and damaged skin

All of us experience the occasional pimple, but not everyone understands how it feels to have acne. The effects of severe or perpetual breakouts aren’t just skin deep and can lead to low self-esteem. The great news is that clear skin, and the confidence that comes with it, is within reach. Our experienced dermal technicians focus on fighting the root cause of breakouts, combining in-clinic treatments with home-care recommendations to accelerate visible results and help you regain control of your skin.

If your skin needs clearing up, look no further than the High Performance Microdermabrasion. The 10-step treatment prevents the build up of dry, dead skin cells, improves circulation and stimulates collagen for renewed and glowing skin. Looking for a quick lunch-break solution to eliminate dead skin cells and blemishes? A medi-aesthetic peel can take as little as 15 minutes! Australian Skin Clinics provides a range of medi-aesthetic peels with unique benefits and each one is formulated to suit your unique needs.

common skin concerns: freckles

Common skin concern 2

Pigmentation, freckles and uneven skin tone

As soon as we are exposed to sunshine, we begin to see the emergence of freckles and a darkening of the skin (a sun tan). By the time we are teenagers, the average Australia has already experienced a high degree of sun exposure and from the age of 25 onward our skin begins to age faster, revealing underlying pigmentation and discolouration. Any condition that causes inflammation of the skin (such as acne, boils or burns) can also cause over activity in melanocytes and increase in pigment levels.

Treatments for pigmentation must therefore be tailored to the individual and take into account your skin ethnicity, the cause of the pigmentation and your desired outcome. If you have an uneven skin tone or a patchy browns spots, laser for pigmentation could be the treatment for you. We can also help treat blood vessels, capillaries and general redness with laser – especially on your cheeks.

common skin concerns: ageing skin

Common skin concern 3

Ageing skin, stretch marks and wrinkles

The natural ageing process plays a key role in the appearance of our skin over time. As we age, our skin cells lose their memory and slowly deteriorate, causing visible lines on our face. Our skin also becomes noticeably thinner and drier. The medical term for this is ‘intrinsic ageing’ and is a process mostly controlled by our genes. However, other factors such as pollution, smoking, alcohol, the contraceptive pill, sun exposure and other day-to-day elements can also contribute. The great news is that it is never too late to benefit from lifestyle changes and medi-aesthetic treatments that can help repair some of the damage.

Fractional RF is a revolutionary treatment that can target stretch marks, fine lines and even enlarged pores! It uses fractional radio frequency and dermal stamping to simulate collagen and elastin, leaving skin healthier, firmer and more refined.

For more information, visit your local Australian Skin Clinics location for a complimentary skin consultation.