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Perfect Beauty - Nurse Australian Skin Clinics
Perfect Beauty - Nurse Australian Skin Clinics
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We started in skin

Australian Skin Clinics has been in action for over 22 years and was originally founded as an acne clinic by Dr Douglas Grose, a passionate advocate of improving the self-esteem of acne sufferers. Dr Grose later introduced cosmetic injectables and in 1996 Australian Skin Clinics became Queensland’s first “cos-medi” spa. Now Australian Skin Clinics is recognised as an industry leader in the medi-aesthetics industry.

We’re the ones that care

Our treatments are proven, tested and results-driven. We aim to provide our clients with affordable and effective non-surgical treatments that work. That’s why we only offer the latest and most advanced aesthetic treatments and products available.

We’re the ones in blue

While our bright blue scrubs make us easy to spot in a crowd, it’s our passion for achieving real, visible results for our clients that really makes us stand out from the pack. Our clients deserve to feel proud of their reflection and it’s our mission to make that happen.


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From Our Franchisees


As well as learning something new everyday, the most exciting part is watching your business grow to the point that you need more lasers and equipment and more staff just to accommodate the volume of clients you have! The best part about working with Australian Skin Clinics is working with a group of driven professionals who are task focused in a friendly team-oriented work environment and the consistent and high-level training available.


We chose to open an Australian Skin Clinics because we loved the way the clinics presented themselves with the bright lights and blue scrubs felt, from a marketing perspective, we could work with this as it looks medical all other laser clinics look like spas. We also wanted to be part of a franchise that didn’t limit us on how many clinics we could own and that didn’t limit us on doing our own local area marketing.


We chose Australian Skin Clinics because of the commitment from the master franchise support team, and the fact that there was a professional team of medical experts who actively think about the future of the business and advances in medical technology. We know that the structures approach, measured performance and expectations have led to the success of our clinic in Chadstone. Our business has been profitable form the moment it opened and is growing rapidly. Australian Skin Clinics has continued to support us and further prompted us to open our second clinic.


I’m very hands on. Australian Skin Clinics’ mission is to help people look and feel fantastic about themselves. We live and breathe that every day and place a huge emphasis on providing our clients with affordable treatments, in high quality facilities, delivered by experienced, qualified staff. I chat with our clients regularly to receive their feedback on both the clinic and their client experience. It helps me to better understand and meet their ongoing needs.

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