As the season’s change, so too should our skincare. Transitioning from winter to spring means that it’s time to kick our winter skincare habits and welcome the rising temperatures with the appropriate product and treatment changes. So, we’ve pulled together six easy-to-follow skin care tips that will keep you glowing right through to summer!


Check for dryness

Run your fingernail across your skin. Does it leave a white mark? This means your skin could be quite dry and in need of moisture and exfoliation to remove that layer of dry skin. We highly recommend you nourish your skin with a quality moisturiser with strong and top-quality ingredients, our favourite is the Balense Normal Skin Moisturiser.


Change your pillowcase regularly

Oil from your hair will leave oil on your pillowcase when you sleep. Avoid sleeping on an oily surface all night and change your pillowcase once a week.


Eat healthy and hydrate

It’s the most simple advice we can offer when it comes to maintaining a radiant complexion: be sure to drink plenty of water and eat those veggies for healthier skin. Need more flavour? Spritz your water with lemon, lime or strawberry! Try cracked pepper and lemon juice on those veggies.


Sweat it out and shower immediately after

Working out not only makes you fit, but it also helps your body eliminate toxins and improves circulation – giving you that gorgeous spring skin glow. As soon as you’re done with your run, make sure to wash off all that sweat. Skin still looking dull? Consider microdermabrasion, it removes the dead outer surface of the skin with light abrasion. This unclogs your pores and leaves your skin feeling incredible.


Have an apple and relax. 

Or cook up some eggplant, add some garlic to your dinner or make yourself a cup of tea. These all have polyphenols to help protect your skin against oxidative stress, which contributes to ageing and disease!


Fall in love with SPF

Protect your skin and stay out of the sun, especially if you are preparing to have laser hair removal or you were recently treated. Sunscreen is (and always should be) your new best friend. Try Balense UV Defiance SPF 50+ for protection and hydration.


Following all of these easy skincare tips already and want to take it to the next level? Book in to see our trained dermal technicians for a free skin assessment and treatment consultation at your local Australian Skin Clinics location.