If you haven’t heard already, we’re here to tell you SPF should be your number one skincare product for anti-ageing and skin-preserving benefits.

If you still believe SPF is a thick cream made only for sun protection, we have news for you. SPF is also the number one anti-ageing product that works in blocking harsh UVB and UV rays to help prevent premature lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. 

How does it work?

Sun damage causes around 80%-90% of all skin ageing due to UV light rays breaking down the collagen that keeps your skin firm, smooth and free of lines and wrinkles, meaning your skin is more likely to age faster. Sun damage also causes increased hyperpigmentation and can worsen acne scarring. Need we say more? 

So how can you combat this? It is important to wear sunscreen every single day, even when you are indoors as UVA light rays can travel through glass and into the skin.

Choosing your SPF

You may see words like mineral or chemical, when it comes to SPF and rest assured they are both great at protection – they just have different ways of protecting. Mineral SPF contains ingredients that sit on top of your skin to block out sun rays. Contrastingly chemical SPF favours ingredients that allow natural vitamin D production in the skin whilst still protecting you at the highest factor. Because of this, mineral sunscreen is often heavier on the skin whereas chemical sunscreen has a lightweight finish. At Australian Skin Clinics, we have a wide range of SPF (all with a minimum of SPF50!) suitable for every skin type.

Aesthetics RX Face & Body SPF50 Sunscreen 

This unique chemical sunscreen utilises patented Vitamin D SPF technology which works by blocking sun rays while still allowing natural Vitamin D production in the skin. This SPF is two-hour sweat and water-resistant and ultra sheer – meaning it will not feel heavy or leave a white residue! Best for application on the face and body.

BALENSE UV Defence SPF50 Lotion

This hydrating lotion is packed with aloe vera and vitamin E for added nourishment. The sunscreen is lightweight, fast absorbing and helps prevent ageing, sunspots and pigmentation. Best for dry or sensitive skin.

Aesthetics Rx Ultra-Protection Sunscreen SPF50 

This perfect everyday mineral sunscreen will sit seamlessly under makeup and won’t leave a white cast or greasy residue. Throw it in your bag for easy re-application. Best for sensitive skin.

Our best advice is to wear sunscreen every single day. Pop it on your bathroom shelf next to your moisturiser so you don’t forget. Not all SPFs are built the same, so look for those with SPF 50 or higher and ensure you are reapplying every 2 – 4 hours.

Now we’ve let you in on our skin secret – there is no excuse to not prevent accelerated skin ageing. Purchase any one of our SPFs at your nearest Australian Skin Clinic now.