If you’ve been locked up in an office all day with air conditioning, keep an eye out for your skin’s moisture. Is it starting to look shiny with artificial lines? Does it look dull and splotchy? We know you’re busy, but it’s time to combat that dullness and get your glow on with these three minimalist steps to better skin.

Never be too busy to cleanse

First you need to deeply cleanse your skin to ensure all your pores are clean and ready to be nourished. We love Balense Hydrating Gentle Cleanser because its sulphate-free soft foaming action helps preserve moisture levels while removing environmental pollutants, dirt and makeup. Plus, it contains glue-green microalgae to re-energise the appearance of the skin in no time!

If you’re looking for something a bit stronger to remove that layer of dead dull skin, consider Skin Resurfacing Cleanser. A pea size of this cleanser is so powerful, you only need to use it 2 – 3 times a week for instantly brighter skin. Perfect for the busy guy or gal who doesn’t have time to worry about a blotchy complexion!

Leave exfoliation to the experts

Remove dead skin and indulge yourself with an Express Microdermabrasion. If you’ve had a long day and want to de-stress while also doing something good for your skin, this 20-minute treatment is the perfect option. You can even squeeze one in on your lunch break!

Close your eyes and relax knowing your trained Australian Skin Clinics dermal technician is taking care of you and you’ll be refreshed and back to your busy day in a flash.

Moisturise while you snooze

Feel like you’re too busy to apply moisturiser twice a day? Revitalise your skin with Balense’s Rebalense Enzymatic Sleep Masque. This little firecracker is rich in broad spectrum B’s, EFA’s and essential amino acids which can help accelerate your skin’s renewal.

This product offers strategic, gentle and efficient exfoliation of dead skin cells while also providing prolonged moisturisation. The best part? You only need to apply once before bed and this sleeping beauty will do the rest!

If you would like a personalised skincare routine developed to suit your busy lifestyle, visit us at your local Australian Skin Clinics for a complimentary skin assessment and treatment plan, or check out our new 90-day Transformation packages here!