Have you been scratching your chin wondering how to stop your itchy beard? Puns aside, it’s a common problem most men experience when trying to grow longer, fuller facial hair.

The dreaded ‘beard itch’ usually strikes during the growth phase, as the sharp edges of shaved hair scrape against the edge of the follicle, and subsides as the beard grows out. But even guys with fully-fledged manes experience an itchy beard from time to time. No matter what stage your beard is in, here are 5 easy-to-follow steps to soothe and itchy beard.

Wash your beard

On a daily basis your beard collects dust, dead skin cells and even stray crumbs from lunch… so it makes sense that washing your beard is one of the most important steps into reducing beard itch. We recommend finding a hydrating and non-irritating beard wash to use regularly as part of your grooming routine.

Brush your beard

Brushing regularly is a crucial step to reducing beard itch! Not only will it smooth out the texture of your beard, it will also keep you looking tidy and tapered. Just make sure you’re using a custom comb for best results.

bearded man

Exfoliate your beard

Exfoliating your beard once a week can assist in combating any clogged pores and ingrown hairs that might be hiding under there. We recommend the Balense Microdermal Cleansing Scrub. It’s exfoliating Jojoba beads are strong enough to penetrate past your beard, while it’s non-drying sulphate-free properties mean it won’t irritate your skin.

Maintain your beard

If exfoliating isn’t stopping those pesky ingrown hairs from appearing down your neck and around your cheeks, it might be time for some beard sculpting laser hair removal. Beard sculpting laser hair removal is a quick treatment to permanently reduce the hair growth around the edges of your man mane. It sharpens and defines the beard lines, leaving you looking smart and well-groomed without ever having to pick up your razor.

how to sooth an itchy beard

Moisturise your beard

If your beard is itching like crazy, you can almost bet dry skin is behind it. Using a beard oil or moisturising cream can help to sooth and hydrate the skin. It will also soften your facial hair, making it more comfortable for you (and your partner)!

For more information on skincare for men or laser hair removal, visit your local Australian Skin Clinics for a free consultation today!