After working hard all winter to achieve confidence in your swimsuit come summer, the time has finally arrived to don those bikinis and boardshorts and start enjoying the great outdoors! But did you know there’s more to maintaining that healthy summer bod than sweaty gym sessions and superfood salads? We’ll give you a hint: it’s the largest organ of the body!

You guessed it, the appearance of your skin can be the difference between low self-esteem or total body appreciation, especially during the warmer months. At Australian Skin Clinics, we have you covered with all the tips and tricks on how do to maintain glowing, gorgeous skin all summer long.



Dust off the last bits of winter

You’ve worked hard for your summer body, so why not have the perfect skin to match? If your skin has any spots, clogged pores or dryness still looming from winter, a microdermabrasion is the treatment for you. It effectively targets your skin’s natural rejuvenation process while exfoliating the dull, dead outer surface of your skin.

At Australian Skin Clinics, our dermal technicians perform our 10-step High-Performance Microdermabrasion with diamond-tipped machines, which also includes a personalised peel, hydration and protection treatment– perfect for beating the summer sun.


Don’t let the summer sun get the best of you

Australia is known for its sunshine and warmth, which makes for a great summer but can also lead to sun-damaged skin if you’re not careful. Sun damage can appear in the form of wrinkles, pigmentation, blood vessels, brown spots and open pores. So to avoid a red face now and potentially more serious concerns later, you should wear sunscreen every day. Available at Australian Skin Clinics, Balense UV Defiance SPF 50+ is a new four-hour water-resistant protective sun lotion that leaves the skin feeling silky without residue. It is also paraben-free and compatible with makeup, which means you can go from the beach to the bar with ease!

If you do spend too long in the sun, go inside immediately and cover your face and neck with a cold wet towel to cool the blood flowing to your face. If you are struck with a bad case of sunburn, apply some Balense Recovery Cream. Although this is traditionally used post-laser treatment, it can also be used as a cooling antibacterial mask due to its pure complexion actives that reduce redness and protect hydration levels.

As always, try to limit your time in the sun, because too much chronic flushing can cause the capillaries around your face to dilate, resulting in chronic redness. And while prevention is always better than a cure, don’t stress if it’s too late! This can also be treated with laser for redness at Australian Skin Clinics.


Avoid hairy situations

Summer is ideal for enjoying quality time with family and friends, so there is no time for boring tasks like shaving and waxing. Australian Skin Clinics offers laser hair removal for both men and women, which will leave you hair-free and care-free for summer! Better yet, you’ll avoid those embarrassing ingrown hairs and red bumps that come from traditional methods of hair removal. Laser hair removal at Australian Skin Clinics is fast, affordable and most importantly safe, with all laser technicians being licensed and trained according to Queensland’s strict laser standards.

So, to maintain that happy, healthy summer body you worked so hard for in winter, contact Australian Skin Clinics now for your free consultation. Our experts can assess your unique needs and provide the best treatment solution for you. For more information on Australian Skin Clinics and our medi-aesthetic treatments click here.