By now you’ve probably heard of our amazing new treatment Meso-needling, and you might be wondering: What’s the difference between Meso-needling and Micro-needling?

Many avid skincare lovers already know and love Micro-needling, and rightfully so; it’s an amazing treatment that firms, boosts and smooths the skin. Well, Meso-needling essentially takes all these incredible benefits of Micro-needling and elevates them to the next level! While both treatments use the same needling device, they do differ in both the technique used and the product applied.

Keep reading to discover more about the differences and benefits!



If you’ve ever had a Micro-needling treatment at Australian Skin Clinics before, you’ll know we use controlled back and forth movements with the needling device to evenly penetrate the skin. A hyaluronic acid is used to create the ‘slip’ required for the needling device to run seamlessly across the skin.

The needling action creates small perforations in the skin that stimulate a natural healing response and results in overall skin rejuvenation plus other glowy benefits!



The key difference with this treatment is the use of specially formulated meso serums. These serums are used in replacement of the standard Hyaluronic Acid and offer an additional layer of benefits on top of your standard Micro-needling treatment.

Depending on your individual skin’s needs, you can choose from three different serums: Revitalise, Scarring or Pigmentation. To deliver your targeted serum, Meso-needling uses the same advanced needling device as our standard micro-needling treatment; however, a different stamping technique is used.

This technique is crucial to the delivery of your chosen meso serum, allowing the meso serum to bypass the thick dermal layers and be absorbed instantly. These treatments promote cell repair at the transdermal layer, induce collagen and brighten your complexion!

Meso-needling vs micro-needling

If you’re not sure which treatment might suit you best, our dermal experts can help select a meso serum that will meet your individual skin type, goals and concerns. We do offer free consultations in clinic, including our in-depth skin analysis that helps us determine the most suitable treatments for you.

If you would like to know more about our new Meso-needling treatment, please visit our Meso-needling Information page or speak to one of our technicians at your local Australian Skin Clinics today.