Deciding you’re ready for laser hair removal is the easy part. Who doesn’t want the luxury of silky, smooth skin? The tricky part comes when selecting which clinic to trust with your treatments. Just like undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure, it is important to conduct your research thoroughly to ensure you are in safe hands. By asking the following six simple questions, you’ll make sure your chosen clinic is safe, professional and likely to provide the most effective treatments possible.

Does the operator have a laser licence?

Queensland has the strictest laser licensing laws in Australia. The Radiation Safety Act 1999 ensures that operators have a radiation safety and protection plan, purchase recognised equipment from reputable suppliers and certify clinic rooms with Queensland’s radiation safety standards. To ensure the height of client care, Australian Skin Clinics operate under the Queensland laser licensing laws across all clinics in each state. So no matter which Australian Skin Clinics’ you visit, you’ll be sure to receive the best results in a safe environment.

Is the laser technician trained in Class IV in safe laser hair removal?

A qualified laser therapist should hold a Class IV in Laser Hair removal and be able to recommend the most suitable laser settings for your complexion, hair type and body area being treated. Australian Skin Clinics requires all their laser technicians to attend training and receive their Class IV in Laser Hair Removal. The technicians at Australian Skin Clinics use only medical-grade laser equipment and have undergone extensive training at The Advanced Skills Academy (TASA).


Does the clinic offer consultations with a laser technician prior to conducting treatment?

Most reputable skin clinics will offer a complimentary initial consultation. This allows the technician or therapist to assess your eligibility for treatment and inform you of your options before committing to payment for services. Australian Skin Clinics offers a free 15-minute consultation prior to laser treatment in order to assess your skin and hair type and discuss prepping the skin for optimum results.

Is the equipment medical-grade?

Australian Skin Clinics use only gold-standard, medical-grade Candela lasers in their clinics, including at their state-of-the-art training facility TASA. These lasers can treat any skin tone and nearly all hair colours with exception to white, grey, pale red and blonde.

Does the equipment have Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval?

The TGA is responsible for regulating therapeutic goods, including medical devices, across Australia. Australian Skin Clinics uses gold-standard, medical-grade equipment with TGA approval at all their clinics across the country.

Have you been educated on the best pre- and post-treatment care before beginning your series?

Qualified technicians will help you properly prepare for your treatment and correctly advise how to avoid or deal with any discomfort following your treatment. You should feel comfortable asking your technicians questions before, during and after treatment – whatever it takes to make sure you are receiving the best possible service!

Once you have found a clinic that ticks all of these boxes, it’s time to book! For your complimentary skin consultation with a qualified laser technician at Australian Skin Clinics or click here to book online now.