So you’ve spent the weekend spring cleaning your wardrobe, but have you ever paid any attention to your skincare routine? As the weather and environmental factors change during Spring it’s time to consider the effect that may have on your skin. 

As the warm weather comes in, your skin may generate more oil and sweat and it is important to adapt your routine to combat this. We find ourselves reaching for lighter formulas over thick night creams and stocking up on all things SPF. Here are a few of our favourite warmer weather skin saviours to kick-start your routine. 

  1. Aesthetics Rx Vitamin B Serum 

This ingredient is one of our favourites all year round as it features a high potency of vitamins to support and hydrate the skin. If you haven’t already added it to your routine, now is the perfect time to start. As the warm weather increases, this serum works to protect your skin from antioxidants and environmental factors.

  1. Balense Hyaluronic Mist 

As the cold weather disappears, you may find yourself seeking lightweight formulas to add hydration. Our recommendation is the Balense Hyaluronic Mist to add instant hydration and provide the skin with a cooling sensation. It is ideal for usage straight after being in the sun, to provide relief from harsh exposure.

  1. Aesthetics Rx Fruit Enzyme Mask

During winter, our skin can appear dry and dull due to the lack of moisture in the air. As summer creeps around, one of our go-to products is the fruit enzyme mask packed with ingredients such as Vitamin B5, Vitamin A and Kakadu Plum that work to combat dull and dead skin cells and minimise fine lines. This unique face mask blends proteolytic fruit enzymes and botanical extracts to reveal bright and glowing skin instantly! 

  1. Aesthetics Rx Face and Body Sunscreen SPF50+

The most important addition to your spring skincare routine is a hardworking SPF. The Face and Body Sunscreen from Aesthetics Rx is an SPF 50+ that protects against harsh Australian UVA and UVB rays. It utilises patented technology that provides ultimate protection whilst also allowing the natural production of Vitamin D into the skin.

Still unsure where to start and want tailored skincare advice – come and see our dermal experts at your nearest Australian Skin Clinic now.