From eyebrow perms to ten-step skincare routines, 2019 was a big, bold year for the beauty industry. But what will the New Year bring for skincare devotees and beauty gurus across the globe? Read on to find out what trends we think will be dominating the headlines and your social media channels in 2020.

Trend # 1: Glass Skin

It’s the latest K-Beauty trend to take over the world and has everything to do with clear, luminous and seemingly transparent skin. Throw out your makeup highlighters, it’s time to achieve the ultimate ‘glass skin’ look with a rigorous moisturising regime to achieve a face so pore-less it could be modelled from glass.

Experts say that the ‘glass skin’ trend will go even further next year thanks to new technology in skin hydrating injectables. Stay ahead of the beauty pack with treatments such as Australian Skin Clinics new Hydroboost treatment, which helps customers achieve the glossy, glass skin of their Instagram dreams by replenishing depleted molecules and smoothing skin.

2020 beauty trends

Trend # 2: Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is one of the hottest new trends in rejuvenation and acne scarring treatment. From at-home dermal rolling to in-clinic micro-needling, customers who suffer from acne scarring are favouring techniques that stimulate the healing response in the deeper layers of their skin, encouraging the production of new, collagen-rich tissue.

CIT is a proven method of reducing scarring, stretch marks, open pores, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and much more. By stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin, these treatments result in a complete skin overhaul. Keep an eye out for a boom in the CIT space with treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Skin Rejuvenation Therapy and even needling infusions launching in clinics soon.

Trend # 3: New Non-Surgical Injectable Techniques

Non-surgical injectable treatments have been a popular trend throughout 2019, and they show no signs of going out of fashion, with the New Year set to feature newly developed techniques to administer these treatments. One that has recently hit the market is Happy Face, a unique and personalised dermal-filler technique that provides lower-face rejuvenation by targeting down-turned lips and deep marionette lines.

Happy Face delivers real results particularly for mature-aged clients, who regularly present with concerns about the rapid ageing rate of the tissue-like skin of the lower facial region. Now that’s something to smile about!

2020 beauty trends male injectables

Trend # 4: More medi-Aesthetic Peels

Medi-aesthetic peels, also known as chemical peels, were once reserved for only the most devoted skincare lovers. Today, these treatments are openly available to everyone and anyone, and can serve a range of skincare purposes including lightening, brightening, clarifying, rejuvenating, revitalising, hydrating and illuminating… talk about versatile!

Our Pigmentation Peel uses a medical-grade formulation to gradually break down hyper-pigmentation caused by the summer sun, transforming dull skin and leaving clients glowing. Chemical peels have been a well-kept beauty secret for years, but you can expect that to change in 2020; radiant skin won’t stay secret for long!

Trend # 5: Longer Lasting Results

In 2020 you can say goodbye to long procedures and time-consuming beauty treatments. Instead, say hello to quick, long-lasting and less invasive treatments that will keep you feeling on top of your game for months to come.

If you like the sound of looking good with less effort, why not think about a Hydroboost or Luxe Lips? These treatments are popular for their longevity and fantastic results, available without the hassle of a lengthy appointment or a stressful procedure.

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