Laser for veins

Say goodbye to broken capillaries and visible veins in just minutes.
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Perfect Skin and Beauty Treatments - ASC Banner

Get rid of broken capillaries.

Broken capillaries and blood vessels often appear as we age. Commonly found on the face and chest, broken capillaries can be caused by genetics, internal and external factors.

Want to eliminate these imperfections for good? Our Laser for Veins treatment is a safe, non-invasive way to treat sun damage, blood vessels, and combat red blemishes on your skin.

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Benefits of Laser for veins

Eliminate broken capillaries Icon

Eliminate broken capillaries

Treat hyperpigmentation - reduce redness on skin icon

Reduce redness

Proven effective Icon

Safe, effective & non-invasive

How it works

Laser for Veins is performed by our most advanced and skilled laser technicians using Candela GentleYAG lasers.

As the laser energy passes down through the skin, it targets the blood supply to the visible capillaries. The laser energy destroys the targeted vessels and allows the body to break down and disperse them without affecting the surrounding tissues.

The treated vessels are then eliminated via the lymphatic system in the following two weeks.

Optimise your results

Laser for veins is a fast and effective skin treatment with minimal downtime following. For best results, we recommend an initial course of three treatments at 6-weekly intervals.

However, some clients may see instant results from this walk-in and walk-out treatment.

Book your appointment today for laser treatment for veins, dead skin cells removal, and sun damage reduction. Our expert team will provide a personalised skincare plan to achieve optimal results. Get a clearer, healthier, and youthful looking skin with our advanced laser technology and skincare products.


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Suggested Skincare

Pre + Post Treatment Care

During Treatment

You will feel a slight cooling sensation as the laser delivers the energy to the treatment areas.

After Treatment

You may experience erythema and mild swelling to the treatment area.

Avoid waxing and sun exposure to the treatment area for 2 weeks prior.

Fitzpatrick skin types IV-V and above must be prepped on a tyrosinase inhibitor and SPF for 2 weeks prior. We recommend the Aesthetics Rx Ultimate Serum OR Vitamin C Serum OR Balense Brightening Serum as your tyrosinase inhibitor.

We cannot treat Fitzpatrick VI with Laser for veins.

48 Hours

Avoid heat induced activities, including:
• Steam rooms & saunas
• Swimming pools
• Excessive exercise

Day 1-5

Avoid active skincare ingredients. Use a gentle cleanser, hyaluronic acid, neuro recovery gel and SPF.

Day 5+
Recommence active serums.

Day 7+

Recommence exfoliating skincare.

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Frequently asked questions

We do not treat varicose veins at Australian Skin Clinics.

We recommend three treatments at 6-weekly intervals; however, some clients can see instant results from this non-invasive, walk-in and walk-out treatment.

Recovery will vary for each individual, however the standard is no required downtime, with clients being able to resume normal daily activities. It is advised that routine exercise does not resume for a week. Minor bruising and tenderness is common and sometimes there may be a slight swelling of the treated area, this will subside within a few days.

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