When you think of the word ‘laser’, the term ‘hair removal’ might come to mind automatically. While lasers can certainly help get you those silky-smooth pins, they also have many other uses. Laser can treat a range of skin conditions and concerns such as pigmentation, facial veins, redness and even soft wrinkles or sun damage. Here are three skin concerns you might not have realised can be treated with laser!

Laser for Pigmentation

Laser for pigmentation is particularly helpful if you need to reverse the signs of sun damage. Treatments target the pigmentation in the skin and encourage the body’s natural healing process to correct the problem area with the pigmentation fading back to the body’s normal skin colour over time.

Laser for Facial Redness

It might seem somewhat ironic that you would use lasers to treat pinkness or redness but laser treatments are a great way to eliminate those visible veins, broken capillaries or visible blood vessels on your skin. Laser treatments for redness and facial veins are quick, effective and safe! Treatments work by transmitting light through the skin to the blood vessels and as the blood vessels absorb the light, it turns to heat and is directed to the vessel walls. The heat is enough to damage the walls meaning the blood disperses and disappears, meaning unsightly imperfections are diminished.

Laser for Anti-Ageing

Fraxel Dual Laser treatments create smoother, fresher and younger looking skin with improved skin tone, texture and pore size while softening wrinkles, fine lines and also reducing the appearance of sun damage. The revolutionary treatments rebuild your own natural collagen, taking years off your appearance and rejuvenating old and tired looking skin.

So while laser hair removal might be the treatment du jour, there are other benefits of laser treatments to help achieve not only silky-smooth but also flawless and glowing skin. If you’re suffering from visible skin spots, whether it’s from sun exposure, acne, medication or injury; laser can be used to even out skin tone. Visit your local Australian Skin Clinics for a complimentary skin consultation today.