We are lucky in the way that our bodies do a pretty good job at taking care of themselves. From changing our metabolism to regulate our body heat, to our skin naturally producing the oil sebum which helps to keep our skin hydrated and beautifully supple.

However, it doesn’t always get it 110% right all the time. One of the most common causes of blackheads is an overproduction of sebum in our open pores/hair follicles, often accompanied by the dirt and debris of life. As the pores are open oxidation occurs, causing the dark colour of blackheads and thus the reasoning behind their name. This is unlike whiteheads which are closed pore, and not exposed to the air for oxidisation.

Does eating chocolate cause blackheads?

Chocolate has NOT been proven to cause blackheads, phew! However, if you want glowing skin, moderation is key. A healthy diet (with a few treats in moderation of course) will benefit your health in general, and that will reflect in the appearance of your skin.

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Can I touch it?

Paraphrasing from the King of Pop himself, ‘it don’t matter if it’s black or white’, DON’T squeeze those bad boys. The skin on your face is delicate and doesn’t respond well to the grimy oils on our fingers and hands, not to mention left over bacteria from whatever you’ve encountered. Skin care is the best care, so let’s all try and avoid squeezing and picking and increasing the risk of scarring.

How do I get rid of blackheads?

A balanced skin care regime is best, but don’t over cleanse! Over cleansing may trigger your skin to think it needs to produce more oils, which is something best avoided. Regular High Performance Microdermabrasions, which includes blackhead extractions, will also help keep your pores clear and your skin bright.

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