When you’re pregnant, your biggest priority is the health of yourself and your baby. Your body goes through an enormity of changes, which might include newfound skin sensitivities, breakouts and stretch marks. These symptoms often go hand in hand with excess hair growth around your belly, face and other unwanted places.

Many clients ask us if these commoon side-effects of pregnancy can be treated while pregnant, especially with laser hair removal treatments or laser for skin and veins. Here we discuss whether it is safe to take part in these procedures.


Laser hair removal while pregnant 

Waxing and shaving unwanted hair during pregnancy may seem like a lot, especially as the due date draws closer. Getting laser hair removal on the other hand might seem like a great option but, as a precaution, we do not perform laser hair removal during client pregnancy at Australian Skin Clinics.

It is not recommended to receive laser hair removal while pregnant, as the risks are uncertain. At Australian Skin Clinics we are unable to treat you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, due to the lack of information available about the effect on the fetus. The fluctuation in hormones during this time can also minimise the effectiveness of your treatment and compromise your results.



Laser for skin while pregnant 

During pregnancy, increased hormone levels are often responsible for natural changes in the body including spots, broken capillaries and pigmentation. At Australian Skin Clinics we offer a range of different skin treatments for our clients including laser skin rejuvenation for abnormal pigmentation and redness, laser therapy for veins, and Fraxel laser procedures for ageing skin.

However, experts advise that laser skin treatments are not suitable for those expecting and could lead to permanent colour discolouration.  For aesthetic skin concerns, we recommend waiting six months to a year post-pregnancy before seeking treatment, as many of these symptoms will fade on their own over time.

There are other treatments that can be tailored to suit expecting mothers. Visit your local clinic for a free consultation and find out what treatments are suitable for you during any phase of your life.