Cosmetic injectables are the latest in facial contouring, with chin sculpting and jaw sculpting growing rapidly in popularity. But what’s the difference between these two treatments and which one might be the solution for you? Read on to get the scoop on these sculpting treatments!

Chin sculpting (double chin reduction)

Chin sculpting, or double chin reduction, is the new trend made famous by Khloe Kardashian.

This non-surgical treatment uses fat dissolving cosmetic injections to reduce the appearance of the dreaded double chin.

Once injected, it breaks down fat cells which are then absorbed by the human body. Over a period of six to eight weeks, these fat cells begin to disappear.

Chin sculpting results are usually seen after two treatments, four to six weeks apart. Keep in mind these results will vary from person to person.  You will need to consult with one of our medical professionals to determine your suitability.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Jaw sculpting

Jaw sculpting is different to chin sculpting because it is focused on slimming the face, rather than reducing fat under the chin. This treatment uses anti-wrinkle solution placed into the masseter muscles (the two “chewing” muscles on your jaw, below your ears).

These anti-wrinkle injections block the chemical signals between your brain and muscles, relaxing the muscle and subsequently slimming the appearance of the jaw.

These muscle relaxants are popular among those who carry tension in their jaw or for teeth grinders – as both can lead to the masseter muscles becoming overdeveloped, in time creating a squarer jawline and face shape.

Unlike chin sculpting, it only takes about 10 days for the treatment to fulfill its potential. The results last about three to four months depending on the product and dosage used.

If you’re considering either of these treatments, book in for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our medical doctors or nurses at your local Australian Skin Clinics location.