Dermaplaning is a safe, effective, and painless treatment favoured among celebrities and skincare enthusiasts alike. Loved for its smooth and silky fresh results, Dermaplaning exfoliates the skin and eliminates the top layers of dirt, and debris which could later lead to clogged pores and acne.

So why do our clients love Dermaplaning and keep coming back?

The results are instant

What’s not to love about instantly visible results? Dermaplaning works to gently exfoliate away the top layers of dead skin cells and vellus hair, aka ‘peach fuzz’. Removing the peach fuzz leaves you with smooth, silky skin from the moment you leave the treatment room.

Your home skincare routine just got easier

Removing the barrier of dead skin cells and peach fuzz means that your skincare is more readily absorbed and your active ingredients have a better opportunity to work to their highest potential. We recommend using any of the following product on day 1 after your treatment:

–         Aesthetics Rx Revitalising Foaming Cleanser

–         Balense Daily Gentle Cleanser

–         Aesthetics Rx B Serum

–         Aesthetics Rx H20 Bio Liqid Balm

–         Balense Recovery Cream

Enhance your make-up finish

Dermaplaning is the perfect treatment if you’re prepping for a big event as it helps to achieve a smooth and flawless canvas for makeup application.

It’s convenient

Along with instant results, Dermaplaning requires no downtime. So, you can leave the clinic and return to normal day-to-day activities with no concerns. We recommend you avoid excessive heat for at least 24 hours (steam rooms, exercise, swimming, and saunas).

The busted myths

If you’re concerned that Dermaplaning will make your hair grow thicker or darker, there’s no need to worry! The great news is that Dermaplaning removes very fine vellus hair, which is so soft and thin that it won’t hurt the hair follicles or change your growth patterns.

Clinical level results

At-home dermaplaning has grown in popularity over the past few years, but for professional clinical results, we recommend trusting our experts with your treatments. Dermaplaning is always best when a single surgical, sterile blade is used under expert training.

It works with your schedule

Dermaplaning can be used as a one-off prep for a big event or maintained every four weeks – depending on your hair growth and skin concerns. For a personalised plan, we recommend booking in for a free consultation with our experts in Blue.

Elevate your results

Maximise your Dermaplaning results with the following add-ons:

–         Enzyme Peel

–         Extractions

–         3D Mask

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