While you can’t stop time, you can turn back the clock and reclaim that youthful look and feel of glowing skin. All you need is a simple skin routine of cleanse, boost, hydrate and protect, along with some targeted treatments at a good skin clinic (hint: we know a really good one).

Whether your concern is fine lines and wrinkles, acne, excessive hair or something else entirely, at Australian Skin Clinics we have effective treatments and active products to help restore and maintain your youthful glow. The following three minimally-invasive treatments will have you looking and feeling like your best self in no time!

Reduce fine lines with anti-wrinkle

Thanks to celebrities who openly use cosmetic injectables to improve their appearance and look younger, the taboo surrounding injectable treatments is finally lifting. The truth is that professionally administered anti-wrinkle injections can create a natural-looking reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment longevity depends on the product used, with our most popular brand lasting up to four months.

The best way to achieve your desired results is to communicate with your injector. You may even wish to bring in a photo of yourself from an age where you felt more refreshed, which can help an injector to assess your unique natural shape and work towards restoring this. But remember: keep expectations realistic. It’s about being the best version of you, not completely changing your natural beauty.

In between treatments, you may want to maximise the effectiveness of your anti-ageing treatment and try a series of Fractional RF (perfect to assist with skin tightening) and an anti-ageing peel.

Look younger anti-wrinkle

Get control of adult acne

Acne isn’t exclusive to teenagers. Persistent, low-grade acne is also common among adults in their twenties, thirties and forties. And while we’re all for looking younger, we certainly aren’t keen on reverting back to our spotty skin, brace-face, ‘mum-cuts-my-hair’ days.

The great news is that clear skin and the confidence that comes with it, is within reach with Australian Skin Clinics acne programs. By focusing on the root cause of breakouts and combining in-clinic treatments with homecare recommendations, our acne program will leave you fresh-faced and excited to face the world.

Our acne programs can assist with:
•    Clearing existing breakouts
•    Relieving congestion that causes new breakouts
•    Prevent new breakouts
•    Reducing blemishes, redness and the area affected
•    Preventing visible skin damage and scarring

Stay silky-smooth & confident

Exuding that youthful glow isn’t always about how we look, but rather, how we feel. Removing excessive hair is an easy, convenient way to achieve silky-smooth skin and make you feel young again!

Unlike conventional methods such as shaving, laser hair removal means no more shaving rash, rusty old razors or last-minute waxing appointments! It’s no wonder why this is one of our most popular treatments.

Women most commonly seek to remove hair from their bikini, underarms, legs and face. While many men wish to thin or eradicate hair from their chest, back, stomach and neck. Australian Skin Clinics offer treatments on nearly all areas of the body to ensure smooth skin after six to twelve sessions.



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