As we begin to show signs of ageing, a solid skincare routine isn’t quite enough to always make us look our best – particularly in a world filled with celebrities and Instagram models who showcase pillow soft lips, high cheekbones and not a wrinkle, fine line or age line in sight! Needless to say, this pressure can leave us feeling a little ‘meh.’ Bring on the ‘tweakment’ movement – putting a stop to ‘meh’ once and for all!

Everything from fillers to enzyme peels, this term is used to describe subtle but effective cosmetic and medi-aesthetic procedures. A ‘tweakment’ is more involved than skincare and make-up, less invasive than surgery. With new research suggesting cosmetic surgery operations dropped by 40 per cent, it appears the power of tweakments is just getting started.

Here are some of our favourite tweakments that have us looking and feeling like the best possible version ourselves.


The liquid face lift  

Gone are the days of frozen faces, bee-stung lips, and chipmunk cheeks; enter the liquid face lift. The term liquid face lift has been coined as a ‘pre-juvenation’ treatment to help prevent signs of ageing, such as facial volume loss, and make us look like an even better version of ourselves.

At Australian Skin Clinics, we’re all about subtle and natural beauty, and many of our clients are wanting to maintain their natural face structure. Therefore, a small amount of filler under the eyes, or cheeks and jawline can make us look more refreshed and awake; leaving people saying, “I’ll have whatever they’re having.”


The glow-getter tweakment

In theory, eight hours sleep and a stress-free life is what we need to look well-rested; but if a good night of zzz’s is a distant memory and your toiletries bag is filled with brightening and anti-aging creams and serums, perhaps a facial treatment like a medi-aestheic face peel or Fractional RF Skin Tightening could be just what you need.

These treatments can help stimulate the skin with a series of treatments over-time helping to improve the skin’s texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. These tweakments are an affordable way to roll back the years in an hour’s lunch break and require zero downtime.

With many patients starting anti-aging prevention younger, skin treatments are a great way to start caring for ourselves by making small, regular adjustments to suit our skin’s needs. Taking care of our skin is like taking care of our bodies – great results can’t be achieved by doing things once a year, consistency is key! Considering our skin is our bodies biggest organ so it’s worth taking care of.


The smile enhancer  

A beautiful pout has become the phenomenon for the modern-day ‘it’ girl, with celebrities making regular clinic visits to add volume to thin or uneven lips. While some people have them naturally, it’s easy to create a full and natural-looking lip with the use of gel-based dermal fillers.

But what if you could also say ‘bye-bye’ to those smokers’ lines? Those vertical lines that appear on our lips are formed in the same way as the lines around our eyes and forehead and can be treated.


For more information on the different kinds of tweakment treatments available, make sure to book in for a free consultation at your nearest Australian Skin Clinic.