You’ve probably heard of skin needling (or what we call micro-needling) but do you know why it’s so popular? This powerhouse treatment can promote fresh, glowing, tighter-looking skin, as well as improve the appearance of skin concerns such as scarring, fine lines, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and open pores.

Love the sound of it? So do we!



Here are our top 5 reasons why micro-needling is one of our favourite treatments.


  1. All over skin rejuvenation

If your skin is feeling a little dull, micro-needling can be a fantastic option to restore your healthy glow. Not only will this treatment leave your skin feeling great, but it can deliver real results in overall skin rejuvenation.

The secret is in the body’s natural healing response, which is triggered immediately and continues to refresh and rejuvenate skin over the following weeks. Try it a few weeks before a special event or as part of your ongoing skin care plan for fresh, glowing skin.


  1. Stimulates collagen and elastin

Collagen and elastin are the proteins that keep our skin looking plump and fresh. As we age, our natural levels unfortunately start to drop and this is when skin can lose its firmness.

Micro-needling works by using tiny needles to penetrate the deep layers of your skin (it’s much less scary than it sounds!). The treatment activates your body’s natural healing process by sending collagen and elastin to patch up the tiny injuries, which in turn helps to fill in and smooth out wrinkles. A micro-needling session will encourage the growth of collagen and elastin, making it ideal for ageing skin.


  1. Helps firm and tighten skin

Micro-needling is your go-to treatment for fresher, firmer, tighter-looking skin. It can also help improve the appearance of scarring, stretch marks, fine lines and open pores. These skin imperfections are treated by building up collagen underneath to support the indentations.

Discolouration is another skin concern that micro-needling can help, as the process targets pigmentation and the capillary network in the skin. It all helps to achieve a smoother, firmer and more refined complexion.

While most people have micro-needling done on their face, it can also be effective on other parts of your body, such as the stomach or thighs. We recommend a course of 3-6 treatments at monthly intervals for the best results.


  1. Maximise skincare products

If you’ve invested in quality cosmeceutical skincare products such as our Balense skincare range, micro-needling will allow the active ingredients to work even harder. The micro-channels created during the treatment allow active products to penetrate deeper into the skin for improved delivery and results.


  1. Fast and effective

With a treatment time of just 30 minutes and little to no downtime, micro-needling is ideal to fit into a busy schedule. We know your time is precious, so let us take the hassle out of skin care, knowing you’re taking positive steps to keep your skin looking its best.

Micro-needling is considered minimally invasive. Our dermal technicians are highly trained and adhere to strict standards so you can rest assured that you’re in excellent hands!


If you’d like to rejuvenate your skin, or treat scarring, fine lines, stretch marks or open pores with micro-needling, or message us to book a complimentary in-depth skin analysis and consultation with our dermal experts today.


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