From microneedling, MediPeels, and microdermabrasion, we love to use treatments that trigger the skin’s natural healing abilities. Why you may ask? It’s simple – these treatments are known to generate transformative changes within the skin, boosting collagen, reducing inflammation, and generating new cells. But there’s a crucial component missing – your help!

What do in-clinic treatments and at-home skincare mean to me? The best of both worlds!

While visiting us regularly for in-clinic treatments is fantastic and is definitely recommended, the full potential of these results can be unlocked through consistent homecare. Think of it exercise (clinic treatments) and nutrition (skincare), you might not achieve the desired change if you only use a single method; it’s the combination that truly yields results.

But why exactly does skincare amplify my results?

When you visit us for a consultation or a treatment, our experienced dermal therapist will assess your skin’s unique needs and recommend products suited just for you. Following a tailored skincare routine post-treatment is crucial for allowing your skin to heal effectively. The products recommended are formulated to soothe, hydrate, and repair the skin. The outcome? Healthy skin and sustained results!

Extra benefits of treating your skin at home

Investing in your skin isn’t about vanity – it’s about embracing self-care and making your wellbeing a priority by combining in-clinic treatments with at-home skincare. Together, you will embark on a path towards radiant skin.

Book a consultation

If you’re interested by the idea of enhancing your skincare regimen, book a consultation with one of our skilled skin therapists at your nearest clinic. Whether you’re curious about the products missing from your current routine or already convinced of the benefits, our team is here to guide you. Additionally, you can view our range of Aesthetics Rx® and Balense® products on our website, empowering you to take proactive steps towards healthier, glowing skin.

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