You may have heard that skincare products stop working over time, but is this really true? Maybe you have even experienced it yourself and decided to switch up your products regularly to ensure that your skin isn’t getting “used” to the ingredients. Well, we’re here to set the record straight on one of the biggest myths making the rounds in the skincare community: can skincare products really stop working?

Do skincare products stop working over time?

The answer is yes… and no!

Many people are unaware that skincare products actually have an expiration date, after which time the ingredients within the product may become less effective and the product should be discarded. To find the expiration date of your product, look on the back or bottom of the bottle. If you see a symbol such as “12M” this indicates you should discontinue use 12 months after opening.

Despite this, the belief that your skin can become “immune” to the active ingredients of a product still within its shelf-life is simply untrue. Just as you cannot become immune to ‘eating healthy’, your skin doesn’t build a tolerance to certain products and stop responding. It’s just not how the body works.

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So why am I seeing less results?

You might be thinking “but I have experienced this first hand, so it MUST be true!” If you have stopped seeing dramatic results from your skincare products after several months of consistent use, there is an explanation. It’s not because your skin has adapted, rather that those impressive initial results have now slowed down and become less noticeable.

This is good news, as it means your products and routine have worked to effectively restore the skin to a healthy equilibrium. The takeaway? Keep doing what you’re doing and have realistic expectations of what your skincare can achieve.

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Is there ever a time to change my skincare routine?

We’re not saying that you should never try anything new! Of course, the consistent use of your professional active products is essential but there are certainly times when tweaking your routine could be beneficial.

For example, many people find that their skin condition changes during winter and they experience a period of dehydration, dullness or dryness. This doesn’t mean your moisturiser has stopped working but you may want to include an oil-booster or dry spot serum to compensate for the changing needs of your skin.

Ultimately, consistent use of your core skincare products are essential to long-term results and switching things up frequently can reduce the overall benefit. Pay close attention to your skin and enlist the help of a dermal expert to identify its unique concerns, so that you can find the right products and continue to achieve the maximum results.