Laser Hair Removal is a safe and effective treatment, and we want to help you achieve that silky smooth skin you are dreaming of!

At Australian Skin Clinics, we use Medical Grade Lasers to give you the best results. What goes hand-in-hand with this? Cosmeceutical skin care specifically designed to support your skin before and after treatment, of course!

Bright and Glowing Skin Tone – Yes Please!

Laser Hair Removal uses heat to destroy the hair follicles in our skin. This heat can generate a protective mechanism in the skin which creates more melanin (the brown pigment in our skin), causing Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. The great news – our Brightening Serum Concentrate can prevent this! The Brightening Serum Concentrate inhibits the production of melanin, keeping it steady. So you can enjoy those results without worrying about changes in your skin tone.

For best results, we recommend using the Brightening Serum Concentrate daily for 2+ weeks prior to your Laser treatment.

Want to get back to LAU (Life as Usual)?

Even after your Laser treatment, the heat can remain in the skin for some time. It’s best to avoid heat generating activities such as steam rooms, saunas or excessive exercise. Help your skin return to normal even faster by using our Recovery Laser Gel and Gentle Cleanser.

Recovery Laser Gel has a cooling and healing effect on the skin. Using a cooling effect, it provides instant relief (phew!). It also hydrates your skin, giving it that super soft feel!

Gentle Cleanser is pH balanced specifically for your skin (even on intimate areas). Using this as a Body Wash replacement keeps your skin happy and smooth. And even though we want you to break up with your razor, it’s a great product for shaving to prevent rashes!

Use both products for 3 days after your treatment to reduce that inflammation and get back to life ASAP!

Sorry Sun, Not Today! My Skin is on a UV Vacation!

Avoiding the sun during your Laser treatments is vital to keep your skin safe. Tanning the skin increases the risk of an adverse event, resulting in having to reschedule your appointment which can impact your results. Keep your treatments on time by protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with our UV Defiance SPF 50+.

Using UV Defiance SPF 50+ every day on exposed areas not only reduces the risk of tanning, but also helps your skin stay younger for longer. UV damages the collagen fibres in our skin which brings on rapid ageing, so stay on the UV Vacation to keep your skin nice and smooth!

Educate, exfoliate, elevate!

We frequently hear this question – Why should I exfoliate?

It’s such a great question! Our skin cells turn over 4-6 weeks, and at times they can accumulate on the surface. This buildup of skin cells can contribute to two things: ingrown hairs and dull looking skin. Our popular Micro Exfoliant uses a combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation to effectively remove the dead skin cell build up. The Salicylic Acid breaks down the bonds that stick the cells together, helping you achieve that smooth skin you’re looking for.

You can start using Micro Exfoliant 7 days after your treatment. Doing this 1-3 times a week will buff your skin to perfection and prevent those pesky ingrown hairs. To really elevate this routine, follow with our Recovery Gel for optimal hydration!