You’d be forgiven for serving the side-eye to the non-invasive body-sculpting movement that promises to do the job of liposuction – permanently removing 20-25 per cent of fat, with no nips, tucks or downtime.

Do the treatments work? How does the fat disappear without surgery? And are there seriously no side-effects or downtime? We ask Australian Skin Clinics National Training Manager, Darlene O’Gara, for the answers.


How does CryoDefine fat freezing work?

CryoDefine Fat Freezing is a non-invasive technology that uses controlled cooling to target fat cells while normal body tissues remain unaffected. “Our CryoDefine system uses dual applicators, to treat multiple areas within the same treatment. It combines a vacuum suction with cooling temperature to target the excess fat in common areas like tuckshop arms, flabby tummy, love handles, buttocks and inner and outer thighs. “The technology is a much safer alternative to liposuction meaning, alongside exercise and a good diet, problem areas can be reduced without going under the knife,” says Darlene.



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When will I see results?

Clients can expect to see visible, progressive results from CryoDefine treatments 20-90 days post treatment, with each treatment destroying 20-25 per cent of fat cells – making it the perfect treatment for summer.

A writer for Northshore Mums tried and tested the treatment and said she was amazed that she saw obvious, immediate results after just one session. “Even after just one treatment, my tummy was ‘tucked’, and I felt lighter and leaner,” she said. “I got definite centimetres off my measurements without doing a single step class.”



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Who is the treatment suitable for?

The treatment is perfect for busy people who want to reduce stubborn fat quickly and effectively. “A walk-in and walk-out appointment once a month means clients are able to return to their normal activities after their hour session,” said Darlene.

“We’ve had clients lose almost 4cm cm off their arms after just one treatment, 9 cm off their buttocks after three treatments and we’ve seen some clients tone up and drop a further 4-6 cm from their midsection, our most popular treatment, after just three treatments!”

CryoDefine Fat Freezing is currently offered in select Australian Skin Clinics and for a limited time you will receive $100 off when you purchase two single-paddle or dual-paddle treatments! For more information on CryoDefine Fat Freezing treatments call us on 1300303014 or find your nearest treating clinic here.