Skin care doesn’t stop when you leave the clinic. Everything from the type of products we use to the foods we put in our mouths can affect the outward appearance and health of our skin. If you’re suffering from skin concerns such as dryness, oilyness, acne or breakouts, try incorporating these 9 skin-loving foods to compliment your treatment plan.


Not only are they tasty and fresh to eat but they also do wonders for the skin. Good ol’ Tommys contain lycopene, which is what makes them their vibrant red, and it also battles against skin-ageing free radicals that are caused by ultraviolet rays. Little tip? Heated or cooked tomatoes will contain more sun-shielding nutrients!

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Tomato foods for skin health


Spinach will help you achieve plumper and less wrinkled skin, as well as reducing skin cancer cell growth! The folate in this leafy veggie will assist the repair and maintenance of DNA, which encourages good cell growth and stops the bad cells from renewing themselves!


Carrots contain the delightful Vitamin A that assists the skin in clearing out breakouts by discouraging the overproduction of cells on your skin’s surface. It also helps to reduce the growth of skin cancer cells!


Salmon is a skin wonder food, with Vitamin D helping to protect you from skin infections and the omega-3 fatty acids, which encourage your skin to hold moisture and decreases inflammation. Hello soft, beautiful skin!


Kiwi Fruit

Surprisingly out ranks the old orange when it comes to Vitamin C.

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Butternut Squash

This delicious pumpkin will help make your skin tone more luminous by reducing skin cell damage, as the Carotenoids it contains are powerful antioxidants.


Walniuts contain omega-3 fatty acids. A deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids has been associated with dry and flaky skin.


Not everyone’s favourite, sardine’s also contain that delightful omega-3 fatty acids! So if your skin’s feeling dry, throw on a sardine or two onto some toast and reap the benefits.

Olive Oil

A pantry essential, olive oil is full of monounsaturated fatty acids, about 75 per cent of the fat in olive oil. Monounsaturated fatty acids are linked to the promotion of the youthful look. Olive oils also contains antioxidant polyphenols which assist in keeping our systems fighting free radicals.

Olive oil foods for skin health

Of course, no matter how hard we try, we simply can’t achieve the results we want for our skin by healthy eating alone. Eating optimally for skin health works best when combined with a customised treatment plan and active home skin care products that suit your specific concerns. Visit your local Australian Skin Clinics to book your complimentary consultation and get started on a journey to glowing, healthy skin!