We talk a lot about acne and for good reason – it’s a common skincare concern that affects teens right through to adults. Not only can it leave physical scarring, but it can also lower one’s self-esteem and confidence. There are important differences between the various types of acne and how each one should be treated. Here is our ultimate guide to everything you need to know about acne – from what type of acne you have to how to treat it!

Common causes of acne:

Acne is the result of your pores becoming clogged with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria which creates the perfect environment for breakouts to occur. Breakouts can be provoked by several reasons – including hormonal changes, environmental factors, genetics, and diet (to some degree). Understanding what triggers your breakouts is the key to treating acne and getting back in control of your skin!

What type of acne do I have?

Acne can present itself in many ways. To treat it effectively, you first need to understand what form of acne you have.

Mild/Non-Inflammatory: Commonly known as blackheads and whiteheads. This type of acne are surface level blemishes that present with no redness, swelling or tenderness in the skin.

Severe/Inflammatory: This type of acne occurs when bacteria has flourished inside the clogged pore. This results in uncomfortable symptoms such as swelling, tenderness and redness.

  • Papules – Papules are raised, sensitive blemishes that are solid. They can be caused by irritants such as harsh exfoliation scrubs, heavy makeup and even fragrances.
  • Pustules – This type of acne is usually inflamed and with a pus-filled center due to infection. Pustules are more likely to occur in areas that are extra oily as it is easier for bacteria to grow.
  • Cysts – Cysts are painful, swollen blemishes that occur very deep within the skin. They develop when a combination of bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells clog the pores. This type of acne is also known as cystic acne, and it is most common in teens and adults with hormonal imbalances.

How to treat acne:

Keeping your skin acne-free has a lot to do with a hygiene. Having a preventative skincare routine that targets the causes of acne prone skin is the best way to prevent breakouts. Our experts recommend the following simple tips:

  1. Wash your face morning and night making sure you remove all makeup from your face. Try using a thorough cleanser in the morning and a gentle exfoliating scrub at night.
  2. Opt for “oil free” moisturiser, makeup and sunscreen.
  3. Don’t pick, squeeze or pop your pimples – as you know this makes them worse! Popping your pimples pushes germs further under your skin and can cause more redness, pain and even a nasty infection.
  4. Change your pillowcase daily to help stop bacteria transferring to your face.

For more severe acne that the above recommendations simply won’t budge, there are effective medi-aesthetic treatments available.

High Performance Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is our most popular treatment for combatting acne. It targets your skin’s natural rejuvenation process by gently removing the dead skin cells & build up while simultaneously improving the skin texture to leave your skin feeling smooth, supple and glowing. For acne suffers, we recommend fortnightly to monthly treatments to put you back in control of your skin

Medi-aesthetic Peels – Designed to rapidly improve the texture and tone of your skin, our Medi-Aesthetic face peels are tailored to the individual and offer measurable results in the improvement of acne. Active peel ingredients penetrate the skin and clean out congestion as well as regulate oil secretion. Our experts recommend fortnightly to monthly treatments.

LED Blue Light Therapy – Our blue LED Light Therapy works effectively to target and improve inflammatory acne, by eliminating acne-causing bacteria that lives on the skin. The treatment is painless and non-invasive and can be performed in your lunch break.

Micro-needling Micro-needling is another great treatment for reducing the appearance of acne scars. By using tiny needles to create micro-channels in the skin, the treatment allows the active ingredients from your acne-fighting skincare to deliver to the deeper layers of your skin.

Don’t be afraid to combat acne head on and take charge of your skin. Our experienced dermal experts offer complimentary consultations so you can discuss your concerns and find the best course of action for you.

Celebrating 25 years in skin, Australian Skin Clinics has helped over half a million clients treat a range of common skin concerns – including acne! Our experienced dermal technicians focus on fighting the root cause of breakouts, combining in-clinic treatments with home-care recommendations to accelerate visible results. If you are looking to regain control of your skin, contact your local clinic today on 1300303014 and book in for a complimentary consultation.