We’re here to let you in on a secret! Vitamin A (AKA Retinol) is the magic, must-have formula in your skincare regime. This ingredient is the gold-standard cosmeceutical in treating anti-ageing and many other skin concerns!

As we age, our skin functions start to slow down, leading to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation and less bounce in our skin. Ageing is completely natural however if you are looking for an ingredient to help slow it down, you’ve come to the right place. While we can’t prevent the ageing process, we can help fight against it by incorporating Vitamin A into our routine.

How does it work?

Vitamin A works on multiple areas within the skin, stimulating collagen and increasing cell turnover to reveal radiant and youthful skin. The multi-purpose ingredient is also renowned for its superpowers in regulating your oil production and creating a refined, decongested, and retextured appearance. That’s a thumbs up from us! 

It’s easy to get lost in the ingredient jargon or marketing hype, and selecting the correct Vitamin A can be a minefield, so where do you start?

Here at Australian Skin Clinics, we believe in using skincare products with the correct therapeutic dose in all our formulations to ensure potency and efficacy. 

For Vitamin A newbies or sensitive-skinned: Balense Retinol Renewal Serum Concentrate

If it’s your first time using vitamin A or if your skin is on the sensitive side, we recommend starting with Balense Retinol Renewal Serum Concentrate. Build up your tolerance slowly by applying this product every other night, allowing your skin to adapt to the change of using a potent active ingredient. Once your skin is comfortable, you can increase the frequency to nightly. The advanced HylaTech™ Active Delivery system within the Balense range feeds high-performance ingredients into the skin while flooding each layer of the epidermis with precious hydration, leaving the skin refreshed, plumped and luminous.

The middle-weight all-rounder: Aesthetics Rx A Serum

If you are a savvy skincare user and use a vitamin A serum consistently, you can jump in and reap the rewards from the powerhouse Aesthetics Rx A Serum. This serum is jammed-packed with an infusion of six skin regeneration and cellular renewal ingredients. Your skin will be left feeling renewed, re-awakened and refined. This serum is much more than just a Vitamin A serum! It is a cocktail of anti-ageing, skin-defining cosmeceutical treatments in one convenient serum.

For the serious skincare addict: Aesthetics Rx A Serum 1%

If your skin needs that little bit more you can always try Aesthetics Rx A Serum 1%. 1% is the highest dose of retinol available over the counter and it packs a significant punch. Don’t be alarmed if your skin exhibits some side effects such as redness and flaking. Stick it out! You can then expect radiant, more refined and healthy-looking skin. It can take a couple of weeks to settle into using a higher percentage of Retinol; just start slowly, gradually increasing your use every night as your skin starts to tolerate it.

If you‘re concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, excess oil flow, congestions or lack of bounce in your skin, Vitamin A is your go-to powerhouse ingredient! Purchase yours from any Australian Skin Clinic today.