Pregnancy is an incredible journey for most women. The physical changes can be exciting and new and for many at times, it can also be overwhelming.

Some of the lesser-known physical changes during pregnancy can be to your skin – and we’re not just talking about the pregnancy glow. Sensitivities, breakouts, pigmentation, and changes in texture can be part and parcel with this new chapter of life.

At Australian Skin Clinics, the safety of our clients is our top priority, and whilst not all advanced skin treatments are suitable during pregnancy, we have some go-to favourites that will help expectant mothers maintain healthy skin throughout their pregnancy. There are also treatments that should be avoided. We’ve created this easy list of recommendations and treatments to avoid.

Classic or High-performance Microdermabrasion

Skin concern: Dehydrated, dull or dry skin

Results: Brightens, evens skin tone, clears congestion

This gentle yet effective treatment eliminates accumulated dead skin, a common occurrence during pregnancy due to dehydration. Clearing congestion and allowing optimal absorption of your skincare products, leading to a revitalised, fresher-looking, healthy skin.

LED Rejuvenate

Skin concern: Redness, inflammation, sensitive skin

Results: Healing, rejuvenated, radiant

Achieve glowing results with our LED Rejuvenate treatment. Harnessing the power of light, this treatment stimulates the skin at both the dermal and epidermal levels. It helps existing skin cells work more effectively, repairs damaged ones, and stimulates collagen production for a radiant complexion. This is also an excellent option to add to other pregnancy-suitable treatments.


Skin concern: Pigmentation, uneven skin tone, Skin irregularities

Results: Minimises fine lines,

This treatment creates controlled micro-wounds on the skin, disrupting collagen and elastin fibres while specifically addressing issues like pigmentation and acne. This aids in the reconstruction and rejuvenation of compromised skin structures.

Our top tip: Prioritise your skin and self-care by updating your daily routine

Daily cleansing, hydration, targeted serums, and SPF will make a world of difference to your skin health and concerns.

Treatments to avoid:

Laser hair removal

Laser pigment

Laser redness

Laser Vascular

LED Acne

Lumixa – Skin Normaliser

Lumixa – Collagen Booster

Acne Medipeel

Anti-Ageing Medipeel

Diamond Microdermabrasion

O2 Oxygen MediFacial

Light therapy clear MediFacial

Mesoinfus Rejuvenate

RF Needling


Skin programs – Kick start Elevate / Bright & light / Bright & Light Elevate.

Skincare ingredients to avoid whilst pregnant:

Retinoids (Vitamin A)

Salicylic acid


Benzoyl Peroxide



Essential oils

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