Bio Remodelling

The ultimate collagen remodelling treatment.
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Microdermabrasion and Bio Remodelling bg
Bio Remodelling - Stimulates collagen and elastin production

Boost your collagen production for a youthful glow.

Australian Skin Clinics are excited to offer this first-of-its-kind product across our clinic network.

Bio Remodelling has been a frequently requested treatment in our clinics thanks to its high demand in the USA and across Europe. This popular treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production and deeply hydrates the skin. It will balance skin tone, enhance skin quality and texture to restore your shine and luminosity.

Want to treat dull, thin and sagging skin? Try Bio Remodelling today.

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Benefits of Bio Remodelling

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Stimulate collagen & elastin production

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Improve skin quality & structure

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Increase skin firmness & elasticity

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Deeply hydrating

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Improve texture & tone

Bio Remodelling - Collagen Remodelling treatment.

How it works

As we age, our natural collagen and elastin production decreases – meaning our skin loses its composition and firmness.

When injected over two sessions Bio Remodelling disperses through the skin layers over a 4-week period, stimulating collagen and elastin production and deeply hydrating the skin.

This allows the cells to remodel sagging and deteriorating tissue. Bio Remodelling does not add volume making it somewhat different from dermal fillers but instead provides intense moisturisation for a renewed, restored and refreshed skin texture.

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Optimise your results

Initial results will last from 6-12 months, with a recommendation for follow up treatments every 6 months to maintain your glowing results.

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  • ADD LED Light Therapy

Pre + Post Treatment Care

During Treatment

The product is injected in small ‘deposits’, you may be able to see them initially, but they settle usually within hours.

After Treatment

It may be possible to feel the product where it has been injected under the skin. It will settle, there is no need to massage.

7 Days Prior

Avoid chemical peels and microneedling for 7 days prior to treatment.


All cosmetic injectable treatments require a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors or registered nurses.

Please advise your cosmetic injector if you are taking any blood-thinning medications regardless of whether you’re expecting to have a treatment.


  • Make-up for 12 hours
  • Alcohol, aspirin and vigorous exercise for 48 hours
  • sunbathing, extremes of heat or cold, dental procedures and other cosmetic treatments in the same area (including fillers, muscle relaxants, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser/ IPL) for 2 weeks post treatment.
  • Fractional RF for 4 weeks post treatment

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Frequently asked questions

As we age, the hydrating substance within our skin naturally reduces and the natural elasticity and firmness of the skin therefore declines. As most people reach their 30’s they begin to see the effects of this depletion in hydration – if you are looking to counteract this decline Bio Remodelling is an excellent treatment.

Bio Remodelling is a medically scripted treatment and can be performed by an Australian Skin Clinics Cosmetic Injector once an in-clinic consultation has been completed to ensure suitability and a provide consultation with a prescribing doctor.
To achieve maximum results, Bio-Remodelling is injected just under the skin on each side of the face in five pre-determined locations.

This treatment has no down time. 24 hours before treatment it is advisable to avoid aspirin, alcohol, and anti-inflammatory medication.  Side effects are uncommon but can include redness, small bumps, bruising and mild tenderness post treatment.
During the first 12 hours post treatment we recommend avoiding make up, 2 days post avoid alcohol and vigorous exercise. For 14 days after treatment extreme temperatures (hot or cold) should be avoided.

Bio Remodelling does not add volume to the face and is not a dermal filler. Its role is to deeply hydrate the skin and improve skin resilience and flexibility. Containing a natural product that absorbs water Bio Remodelling keeps the skin hydrated, however it will not replace lost volume or help to contour the face as a dermal filler will.

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