Also called lipstick lines or smoker’s lines, the formation of lip wrinkles is a natural part of the ageing process. These small, fine lines most commonly run vertically from the top of the lip (vertical fissures) but can also appear around all side of the mouth.

They can be formed by a variety of factors including smoking, sun damage and repeated muscle movements over time. Sadly, lip wrinkles can make us look older than we really are. Luckily, we have five practical ways you can help prevent or reduce lip or smile lines.



Wear a daily sunscreen

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, sunscreen is your number one essential product for fighting the signs of ageing! While we often apply sunscreen to our face, so many of us forget to go over the lips. So, next time you apply your sunscreen, be sure to generously cover your lips and remember to reapply every two hours when out in direct sunlight. We recommend Balense UV Defiance SPF 50+ as its gentle formula is perfect for sensitive skin around the lips.


Sleep on your back

Yup, sleep wrinkles are a real thing. While getting your beauty sleep is important in so many ways, it turns out it also matters how you do it. Sleeping on your side so that your face makes contact with a cotton pillowcase can lead to the formation of deep sleep lines, including on the area surrounding the lips. Sleeping on your back is the perfect remedy, but what if you’re not a back sleeper? Try practising or upgrading your cotton pillowcase to silk so that your face doesn’t “scrunch” on the fabric.


avoid lip wrinkles


Exfoliate your lips

Let’s be honest, if you’re not exfoliating your lips, you’re missing out! Not only does regular exfoliation with a gentle scrub help remove dry skin, neutralise discolouration and smooth out your lips, it also assists in the production of new surface skin cells. This regeneration effect will give your pout a more youthful appearance. Try the Balense Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser as it’s non-drying and sulphate-free – perfect for all-over use.

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Moisturise after cleansing

Now that you’ve cleansed, it’s time to moisturise. A moisturiser or serum that’s high in active anti-ageing ingredients such as vitamin C for brightening, soy isoflavones for re-densifying and green tea extract for potent antioxidants will work wonders. Regular application will help increase cell turnover to reduce fine lines and fortify the skin.


Go professional

There are several professional treatments that can assist in preventing and reducing the formation of lip lines. During a complimentary consultation with one of our medical professionals, a combination of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler might be suggested.

Anti-wrinkle injections will relax the muscle and soften the lines, while dermal filler can add volume to reduce the appearance of vertical lines. Depending on your assessment, other treatments such as Fractional RF skin tightening or face peels may also be recommended.

If you’re interested in reducing or preventing lip wrinkles or thinning lips, visit your local Australian Skin Clinics and book your free consultation with our experienced cosmetic injectors today.