Outside of using some shampoo, soap and a shaving kit, ‘real men’ don’t take their beauty routines seriously, right? Wrong! From laser hair removal to skin treatments, more men are standing up, or rather ‘laying down’, for beauty treatments Australia wide.

The growth in popularity of treatments for men is not shocking. According to statistics from UK online beauty site Treatwell, male Brazilian blow-dries are up by 200% and waxing is up by 85%, making it no surprise more men are choosing to man up and lay down for dermal therapists, too.

Popular treatments for men

While laser hair removal and treatments for body sculpting are some of the most popular treatments among the male clients at Australian Skin Clinics, we also specialise in acne, which means we provide skincare services to a large number of young males and teenagers.

As men have more testosterone, their skin tends to be oilier and more acne-prone. Treatments like High Performance Microdermabrasion to target breakouts and Fractional RF for tightening pores are some of the best options to deliver clearer looking and acne-free skin.

Other common concerns among our male clients include scarring, dry skin and sun damage, general aging and ingrown hairs.

Why are men choosing Australian Skin Clinics?

Men are drawn to Australian Skin Clinics because of our clinics’ quick, results-driven treatments, as well as our unisex and more clinical appearance – rather than the predominantly female beauty salon look and feel.

Not only are we finding more of our female clients recommending their partners, friends or family members for our treatments, men are taking much more notice of their appearance these days as looking and feeling your best isn’t gender-exclusive!

The interest in treatments for men will only increase, with our team at Australian Skin Clinics believing the future of men’s skincare will be a combination of general skin care and increased treatments such a Fractional RF, microdermabrasions and body sculpting.

If you or a man in your life is interested in learning more about the treatments for men available at Australian Skin Clinics, visit one of our local clinics or buy and book our latest sale online!