While laser hair removal can be performed any time of year, it is widely accepted that winter is the best season to start your treatment series. When most people retreat indoors and indulge in comfort food on the couch, those ‘in-the-know’ take the cooler weather as an opportunity to rid themselves of unwanted hair before summer. Here are the top 5 reasons that you might want to start your laser hair removal series this winter.


Laser preparation is easier in winter

Part of the preparation process for laser hair removal is to ensure that you don’t wax or use depilatory cream prior to treatment. In order for the laser to be effective, we need the root of the hair (which contains the pigment) to remain in the follicle. This can be hard during summer when you’re living in bikinis, shorts and cute summer dresses that show off a lot of skin!

It’s much easier to prepare for your laser hair removal treatment during winter when you’re all rugged up in jeans and jumpers and can allow you hair to grow out before shaving 12 hours prior to your treatment. Shaving just before your session will ensure a safe and effective results!


The sun isn’t calling your name

While there are still beautiful, sunny days during winter – we find that most people generally spend less time tanning or sun baking and more time curled up indoors. This makes winter the best time for laser hair removal, because it is important to avoid any type of sun exposure two weeks before and after your treatment.

Many first-time laser hair removal clients don’t realise sun exposure before treatment is very detrimental. Sun exposure prior to treatment can increases risk of inaccurate laser settings and sun exposure after your treatment can add unwanted heat to the area, resulting in pigmentation or other skin damage. Either way, the sun and laser hair removal don’t mix. The same goes for fake tanning, making winter a great time to go au naturel and start your laser treatments!

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5 reasons winter is best for laser hair removal


You can avoid excessive sweating

Immediately after your laser hair removal treatment, it is recommended that you avoid excessive sweating, exercise, spas and swimming – all things are much easier to miss out on during the cooler months! After your treatment you can simply go home, make yourself a nice cuppa-tea and relax while your skin takes its time to cool down. Apply your Balense Recovery Cream and sunscreen to the area as recommended. You can view our full post-treatment care instructions here.


You can stay covered post-treatment

Once you have received a treatment, the hair can take up to two weeks to fall out. While it’s totally okay to continue shaving the area during this time, you might prefer to just throw on your track pants or yoga tights and let nature do it’s thing! After all, it’s winter!


You can be silky-smooth by summertime

To ensure you receive the best possible results, we recommend locking in your laser hair removal appointments every four to six weeks. This means that if you start your treatments in autumn and continue through winter, you can complete a full six session series before summer! If you’re on a maintenance three-pack, then the three months of winter is also the perfect time to maintain your silky-smooth results and get ready for bikini weather!


Take advantage of the cooler months and get a head start on having smooth, hair-free skin now so you can rock with confidence. Start your laser hair removal journey now. Book in for your complimentary consultation by visit your local clinic today!