Common Skin Concern: Congestion

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Congestion is a common skin concern typically presenting as blackheads, milia and uneven skin texture. Congested skin often appears thick and dull. Congested skin differs slightly from acne, although congestion often leads to acne if it’s not addressed.

An easy way to tell if you have congested skin is to run your hand over your face. If your skin texture feels bumpy, flaky, rough, irritated or uneven then it’s likely you’re experiencing a form of congestion.

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What causes congestion?

Congestion, put simply, is the build-up of dead skin cells, sweat, impurities and sebum (oil) in the pores. The most common cause of congestion is an inadequate skincare routine. It’s natural for our skin to turn over skin cells, and produce sweat and sebum, congestion occurs when we don’t cleanse our skin of this build-up properly or often enough.

A compromised or impaired skin barrier can also lead to congested or textured skin. Poor diet, smoking, stress, lack of sleep and incompatible home skincare can all factor in to a skin barrier impairment. If your skin is misbehaving, you may need a skin reset. Start with basic home skincare and barrier repairing treatments.

Signs of Congestion

Skin Congestion Treatments

Dehydrated Skin

Dehydration is a lack of water in the skin, where the skin is not properly retaining water. Dehydration is a common sign of a skin barrier impairment. When your skin barrier is performing optimally, your skin will retain the correct amount of water. Where the barrier is impaired, your skin loses moisture leaving it dry, rough and sometimes flaky.

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Blackheads are caused by a build-up of sebum, dead skin cells and other impurities which clog the pore. When this build-up is exposed to air, it gets oxidised which results in the characteristic shade of black/ brown that give blackheads their name.

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Dull Skin

Congested skin often appears dull and thick. This is because as our skin cells mature, they move through the layers of the skin and become drier and older as they reach the skin’s surface. When your skin is congested, these dead skin cells are sitting on the surface of your skin and are not being properly removed.

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Milia are tiny, painless white lumps filled with keratin that can pop up on the nose, cheeks or around the eyes. Unlike a pimple, milia don’t have an opening on the skin’s surface so if you do try to pop or squeeze them yourself then you can cause scarring and skin damage. Read more about milia on our blog here.


How to treat Congestion

Using the advanced Observ Skin Analysis technology at Australian Skin Clinics

Observ Skin Analysis

Using the advanced Observ Skin Analysis technology, we can get to know your skin on a deeper level, identify your underlying concerns and let’s create a treatment and skincare plan for your best skin yet!

Dermaplaning now at Australian Skin Clinics


Dermaplaning is a safe, painless and highly effective exfoliating treatment that uses a surgical blade to gently remove dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs.

LED Light Therapy - deep penetrating, soothing skin treatment

LED Light Therapy

Light Emitted Diode (LED) Light Therapy is a deep penetrating, soothing skin treatment ideal for improving skin health, treating active acne, overall skin rejuvenation, reducing the visible signs of ageing and boosting your skins healing response.

Medi facial treatment - Instant Refresh


Combining the effects of our MediPeels, steam, cosmeceutical strength active ingredients and soothing lymphatic drainage massage, our MediFacials are a perfect way to treat your skin while treating yourself.

MediPeels Treatment target fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and more


Our range of MediPeels target fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, pore size, oil production, redness, congestion and acne. MediPeels are an effective, non-invasive treatment that can help you on your way to smoother, healthier and rejuvenated skin!

Microdermabrasion Skin Treatments


A gentle, yet highly effective exfoliating treatment designed to remove dead skin cells that sit on the outer layer of the epidermis leaving the skin feeling instantly refreshed and smoother.

Cosmeceutical grade skincare products


At Australian Skin Cinics we offer three cosmeceutical grade skincare ranges in-clinic and can help to tailor a home skincare plan that suits your skin and budget!

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