Common Skin Concern: Diffuse Redness

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Diffuse Redness

General redness, also known as diffuse redness, is characterised by intermittent blushing and flushing that leaves the skin red/pink and often warm to the touch.  It is most prevalent in people with fairer skin types and commonly appears on the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. In some cases, it can also be seen on the ears, neck and chest.

Rosacea, on the other hand, is a chronic skin condition that can only be diagnosed by a medical professional and differs from general redness in its severity. It can be difficult to recognise as the condition develops gradually over time but is usually characterised by a persistent deep, ruddy redness accompanied by broken capillaries. The condition has a strong hereditary component and treatment options are limited.

What causes diffuse redness?

Redness occurs when blood rushes to the skin and causes capillaries to dilate, resulting in an overall flushed appearance. If left untreated, the delicate capillaries can remain dilated and result in permanently broken capillaries on the skin’s surface or chronic redness (such as Rosacea). Common causes of diffuse or general redness include genetics, sun exposure, medications and poor skincare.

While redness can be your skin’s reaction to a range of conditions there are several triggers that should be avoided where possible, including sun exposure, alcohol consumption, hot or spicy food, exertion, stress, chemicals and cosmetics.

How to treat Diffuse Redness

Using the advanced Observ Skin Analysis technology at Australian Skin Clinics

Observ Skin Analysis

Using the advanced Observ Skin Analysis technology, we can get to know your skin on a deeper level, identify your underlying concerns and let’s create a treatment and skincare plan for your best skin yet!

Laser for redness skin treatment

Laser for Redness

Laser for redness treatments can help you minimise diffused redness and rosacea caused by dilated blood vessels.

Laser for veins skin treatment - 2

Laser for Veins

Treat broken capillaries and blood vessels that often appear as we age using laser technology.

Lumixa - Combining Lumixa with LED Light Therapy for Skin.


Lumixa treats inflammation, ageing and impaired skin barriers. If you’re looking for a non-invasive alternative to microneedling, this is it. At Australian Skin Clinics, we offer two Lumixa packages – Skin Normaliser and Collagen Booster to effectively target your skin concerns.

Cosmeceutical grade skincare products


At Australian Skin Cinics we offer three cosmeceutical grade skincare ranges in-clinic and can help to tailor a home skincare plan that suits your skin and budget!

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