Laser for redness

Banish broken capillaries and overall redness.
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Laser for redness skin treatment

Target redness and calm stressed-out skin.

Laser for redness treatments can help you minimise facial redness and rosacea caused by dilated blood vessels and sun damage..

This quick and non-invasive skin treatment will help diminish imperfections and reveal a clearer, more even complexion.

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Benefits of Laser for redness

Treat hyperpigmentation - reduce redness on skin icon

Reduce diffused redness

Even skin tone Icon

Improve skin tone

Proven effective Icon

Safe, effective & non-invasive

Combination Relax & Indulge Icon

Refresh your appearance

rejuvenated face and skin Icon

Calm & soothe your complexion

Suitable for skin types I-III Icon

Suitable for skin types I-III

Laser for pigmentation Treatment and Skin Rejuvenation

How it works

Laser for redness removal works by bio-stimulating the dermal and epidermal levels of the skin with light emissions from a laser.

It is quick and non-invasive and works effectively at repairing any damage to skin cells. Laser for redness removal targets the haemoglobin in the upper papillary dermis which helps thicken broken and thin capillaries. The treatment helps stimulate collagen and leaves the skin redness-free and feeling bouncy.

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Optimise your results

Laser for redness removal is a treatment that needs to be performed regularly for best results. We recommend an initial course of four treatments weekly, and then a regular monthly treatment for best results.

Our experienced skin experts develop a personalised treatment plan for you. Book your appointment today to experience the benefits of laser treatment.


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Suggested Skincare

Pre + Post Treatment Care

During Treatment

You may experience slight discomfort during the treatment however, it will be over quickly.

After Treatment

Some clients may experience a mild swelling, redness, or discomfort after the treatment. This sensation will be over quickly and home skincare can help combat it.

Please note any clients from QLD will need a Medical Opinion Letter – Skin Check for this treatment.

Avoid waxing and sun exposure to the treatment area for 2 weeks prior.

24 Hours

Avoid heat induced activities, including:
• Steam rooms & saunas
• Swimming pools
• Excessive exercise

Day 1-3

Avoid active skincare ingredients. Use a gentle cleanser, hyaluronic acid, neuro recovery gel and SPF.

Day 3+
Recommence active serums.

Day 7+

Recommence exfoliating skincare.

Book a free skin consultation – It’s time to put your skin first.

Frequently asked questions

Most clients will begin to see results for redness after a completion of four treatments.

As with all laser treatments some heat will be felt, however most clients are able to tolerate the treatment well.

As redness is usually caused by a weakened barrier, medical conditions or genetics, results can vary. We always recommend laser for redness removal as an ongoing part of your skin treatment plan to maintain results.

After treatment, clients may experience redness, swelling and mild discomfort. At home post treatment care can help reduce these side effects.

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