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Correct asymmetry with Australian Skin Clinics. Cosmetic Aesthetics offers non-surgical treatment options for those looking to restore facial balance, eliminate dark circles under the eyes, or address a gummy smile.

Please note that all cosmetic aesthetic treatments require a consultation with our medical trained team of doctors or registered nurse’s prior. 

Common Corrective Concerns

Cosmetic Aesthetic treatments can help you to combat a variety of concerns.

Facial Asymmetry Correction - Australian Skin Clinics

Facial or lip asymmetry

Put simply, facial symmetry is how closely your features are mirrored on both sides of your face.

Everyone has some degree of facial asymmetry. Maybe your left cheek is slightly higher than your right, or your smile pulls higher on the left, or you have a couple of extra lines around one eye. While most forms of facial asymmetry are completely harmless, you may find a more balanced profile makes you more confident.

During a consultation with an Australian Skin Clinics Aesthetic Nurse, these concerns can be discussed following a comprehensive facial assessment.    

Chin Sculpting Treatment weak receding chin

Receding or weak chin

A receding or weak chin is when your chin slopes slightly back toward your neck instead of jutting out or lying flat. Some are born with a receding chin while others may develop over time or with age. Cosmetic aesthetics can help to reduce the appearance of a weak or receding chin, using non-surgical methods.

Double chin

If you struggle with excess fat under the chin and are looking for a non-invasive treatment option, CoolSculpting® can help target and reduce stubborn double chin fat. We also offer Chin Sculpting, a safe cosmetic aesthetic treatment that dissolves targeted fat cells. Not sure which treatment will work best for you? Book a consultation with one of our CoolSculpting® body experts or Aesthetic Nurses, and we will tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs. 

Dark Circles around Eyes Treatment

Dark circles under the eye

Dark circles under the eyes happen when the skin beneath the eyes appears darkened. Dark circles are often associated with tiredness or lack of sleep, but there are other common causes including ageing, genetics, dehydration or hyperpigmentation in the area.

While sometimes dark circles can be banished by a good night’s sleep, if your dark circles tend to hang around come and talk to us about your treatment options. Skin Rejuvenation and home skincare products may be the solution you’re looking for.

Gummy Smile

A gummy smile, also known as an excessive gingival display, occurs when too much gum can be seen above the top teeth or when your gums are highly visible when you smile. It’s important to keep in mind that “too much” is subjective and entirely based on your smile goals.

A common cause of a gummy smile is that the muscle controlling your upper lip is hyperactive, causing the lip to pull higher than normal when you smile.
Cosmetic aesthetics can help by reducing the muscle movement of the upper lip resulting in a smile with less gum exposure. Our Aesthetic Nurses can review your cosmetic goals and answer all your questions during a consultation. 

Our Top Corrective Treatments

At Australian Skin Clinics, we offer a range of treatments that can help you to address your corrective concerns and improve your confidence. If you’re unsure which treatment is best suited to you, book in for a complimentary skin, CoolSculpting® or Cosmetic Aesthetics consultation. Let our experts steer you towards your aesthetic goals.

Using the advanced Observ Skin Analysis technology at Australian Skin Clinics

Observ Skin Analysis

Using the advanced Observ Skin Analysis technology, we can get to know your skin on a deeper level, identify your underlying concerns and let’s create a treatment and skincare plan for your best skin yet!

Consultation Skin Treatment - Australian Skin Clinics

Line & Wrinkles

Our skin naturally evolves as we age, leading to the appearance of lines and other changes. In a consultation with an Aesthetic Nurse at Australian Skin Clinics, you can discuss your concerns and skin goals while receiving a comprehensive full-face analysis. 

Bio Remodelling

Bio Remodelling stimulates collagen and elastin production, effectively remodelling ageing and sagging tissue. Our Aesthetic Nurses can provide thorough facial assessments and detailed information about this treatment during a consultation. They can address your concerns and discuss your skin goals. 

Chin Sculpting

Ageing, genetics, and weight gain are the main causes of a double chin. Cosmetic Aesthetic can help with chin concerns. If you would like to discuss your concerns during a consultation, our Aesthetic Nurses can review your cosmetic goals and answer all your questions.  

Coolsculpting fat freezing Treatment


Coolsculpting® is the world’s #1 fat freezing technology that delivers safe, effective and permanent results. If you struggle with diet and exercise resistant fat, then Coolsculpting® may help to eliminate those stubborn fat pockets.

Cosmetic Aesthetics Packages

Combine your cosmetic aesthetic treatments with our range of packages. Target ageing, rejuvenation, fine lines & wrinkles, volume loss and more. To learn more about our packages, book in a consultation with one of our Aesthetic Nurses. 

Dermal Filler Injections - Results can be seen immediately

Facial Volume, Definition & Structure

As we age, our skin produces less collagen, leading to a loss of volume and elasticity. Non-surgical treatments for facial volume can help address this concern. During a consultation with an Australian Skin Clinics Aesthetic Nurse, these concerns can be discussed following a comprehensive facial assessment. 


Hyperhidrosis Treatment


If you’ve ever experienced excessive sweating, pesky sweat stains in your favourite shirts or are prone to damp underarms then our Hyperhidrosis treatments are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Lip Volume & Definition

Over time, our lips begin to lose collagen and structural integrity. Cosmetic aesthetics can be used to create balance and symmetry or add volume to the lip area. During a consultation, our Aesthetic Nurses will discuss your aesthetic goals and answer all your questions about lip volume and definition.

PDO Mono Threads

PDO Mono Threads is an innovative treatment that stimulates collagen production by inserting smooth threads into the epidermis of the skin, encouraging cell renewal. To learn more about PDO Mono threads, you can schedule a consultation with one of our Aesthetic Nurse to discuss your goals and address your concerns.  

Consultation and checkup

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation is a scientifically proven, non-surgical cosmetic treatment that refreshes, tones and tightens your appearance by repairing the elasticity, colour and quality of the skin. If you would like to discuss your concerns during a consultation, our Aesthetic Nurses can discuss your cosmetic goals and answer all your questions. 

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